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Old Updates

02/28/00 - Thought I'd let the few who care know the status on the domain name. I'm gonna buy off of some dude. The new site will be called ApocalypticNet. Its not up yet, but will be after I scrounge up enough money to pay for it and some hosting. That's about it. Hey do me a favor and sign up for those get-paid-to-surf-the-web programs down there. Its my only income. Seriously. Besides, its advantageous to you also!
I said 'it' a lot didn't I? Maybe not...

01/01/00 - Damn. The world didn't blow up. And yes, the rumors are true...we are getting a domain name. Ok, you can all stop jumping for joy now. Really...sit down...please... It'll probably be or something to that effect. A big change in format, also. We're gonna expand to include pen-and-pencil RPGs, CCGs (collectible card games), and some other things...something to look forward to, I guess.

12/27/99 - Happy frickin Xmas. Been too lazy to do anything. Decided I'd let everyone know I'm not dead. Oh yeah...If you want to submit a download, go right ahead. I'll add it if its good. E-mail me. In addition to downloads, please e-mail me your thoughts on the site. It usually inspires me to get off my lazy ass and update. By the way, how about a guestbook signature? It's not that tough. And remember, tell your friends!

08/30/99 - Added several downloads, 2 reviews, 1 preview, and an "old updates" page.
Saturn- Daytona USA
Playstation- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Pokemon Stadium

07/16/99 - Well, smaller update than intended.
Playstation- Metal Gear Solid
GameBoy- Kingdom Crusade
Dragon Quest VII

07/09/99 - Did several things: added new links, made a cool button, plus lotsa stuff you people probably won't even notice. Also recruited a few people to help me with reviews and rants. Prepare for a huge update within the next few weeks with reviews, previews, and rants. I'll probably add a counter and add my site to search engines then, too.

06/27/99 - Created site...check everything out. Nothing much up yet. In time, there will be.