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Kingdom Crusade

By: The Apocalypse

Note: Screenshot colored with emulator. Actual game not color.

(No Box Shot Available)

Game info:
Genre: Adventure
Designed by: ElectroBrain
Year Released: 1992
Players: 2 (linked)
Other: Link Cable Compatible

Thy Kingdom is at war with thy enemy. Thy armies may win by either capturing the enemy castles or eliminating thy foes.
- Taken from intro screens.

Gameplay: (7/10)
You can control up to 7 different guys during the game: a king, a queen, a paladin, a wizard, a giant, a knight, and a bowman, each with different stats. When you start, you are shown a map of a previously chosen size world. On the map are a couple castles controlled by you, a bunch by your opposite color, your guys, and a couple of your opponents guys (the rest are hidden or something). Each square on the map has a color, either yours or your enemies (black or white, you choose). You obviously have the least squares. Then, you choose one of your dudes and go out turning your enemies squares into yours, and killing anyone who gets in your way. The overhead map screen changes to a sort of side-overhead view of the countryside of the square you're in. When one of your dudes dies, go back and get another one. The object is to capture all your opponents castles or slay all his dudes. To capture a castle, you gotta claim all the squares around it. Several magic items and food accompany you on your quest. An overall fun task, and extremely easy, even on the harder difficulties and larger worlds. Fairly innovative. Very addicting.

Sound: (6/10)
The songs are pretty nifty. Kind of a happy-fantasy-tavern-rompus sort of thing. The sound effects are ok, but the sound made after you capture a castle is very annoying. The weapon sound effects are generic at best. A "kssshh" and a "thmp" sounds are heard when you attack. While jumping, a very annoying, very repetive mario-jump copy. Y'know, the high pitched "loy" sound? Eh...

Graphics: (6/10)
The graphics are cool at first, but get boring. Sprites of fairly detailed trees, bails of hay, etc. The backgrounds and castles are extremely non-detailed and lame. A nice contrast in the sprites of the different character classes. You and your enemies collapse into chunks when they die, which is really cool.

Control: (5/10)
Control is fairly good, with all 8 directions accessible when walking around. Jumping feels great, gives you the sense of low gravity, is unrealistic, but hey...its a game. But, its friggin hard to jump over those damn fences! ARGHH!!! You can jump diagonally, walk diagonally, but you can't just face diagonally. What's up with that? It's also extremely hard to shoot at your enemy, given that fact. And no "rapid fire" here, it takes almost a whole second to shoot again. You find yourself being target of "hit-and-run" by your enemy all the time.

Overall: (6/10)
Worth a purchase if you can find it cheap. Innovative and addicting gameplay make this game one of the cooler Gameboy games...for about an hour.

"Thy this, thy that...blah blah...thy.."
-Everything in the damn game...heh.