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By: The Apocalypse

Game info:
Genre: Action/Adventure
Designed by: Konami
Year Released: 1998
Players: 1
Save Capable
Other: Analog & Vibration Compatible, 2 CDs, 1 Memory Card Block

The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in Alaska's Fox Archipelago is attacked and captured by Next Generation Special Forces led by members of FOX-HOUND. The terrorists have secured hundreds of nuclear warheads and they're demanding that the government turn over the remains of Big Boss. They warn that if their demands are not met within 24 hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon. Solid Snake is once again called back to duty in a top-secret mission to deal with the greatest terrorist threat the world has ever seen. First, he must single handedly infiltrate the nuclear weapons disposal site and rescue two hostages, DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and the President of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker, and then eliminate the terrorist threat and prevent a nuclear launch. The clock is ticking. Once again, Snake heads into battle....alone.
-Taken from the manual

Gameplay: (9/10)
This is one fun game. Just too bad its not longer. The cinemas take up most of the game, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. It keeps the very interesting story going. You can beat the game, skipping throught the cinemas in a very short time, if you're good, and you got the difficulty on easy. Anywho...its really satisfying to snap those stupid genome-soldiers necks. Gets rid of a lot of stress. Heh. The boss fights are the highlight of the game...well not really, they're just really fun too. The real highlight of the game is the stealth techniques. Enemy dudes act exactly like they would in real life. If they hear noise, the go investigate, if they see footprints, they go investigate, if you hide in shadows, they walk right past you. You can also bang on a wall or something to distract em. Actually, those genome soldiers are a lot dumber than a normal person would you shoot em with your silenced Socomm, they just look around and say "Huh?". Hilarious and phenomenal at the same time. The VR training missions are fun, too.

Sound: (9/10)
Voice acting is top-notch. Good job with the actors, Konami...much better that one of your main rivals, which will remain anonymous cuz I'm such a nice guy (*cough*, capcom, *cough*,*cough*,*ahem*). The sound effects of the guns are awesome and the "ughs" from the genome soldiers are friggin cool. It does sound a little silly when your choking them, though...heh...a "ughughughughughughugh*snap!*" sort of thing. The music is almost not even gotta actually be paying attention to notice it...its really good too...It sets the mood. A lot.

Graphics: (10/10)
The graphics are great. Extreme detail, awesome textures, awesome effects, everything. The characters are extremely well designed, and look almost exactly like real humans. They really squeezed the juice out of the Playstation hardware with this game. Yep.

Control: (9/10)
The control's great too. Super responsive...very realistic. When using your sniper rifle, the controller and screen shake, just like in real life when you're holding a gun. Y'know how you jiggle and stuff? This is exactly like it. You almost can't play the game without a dual shock controller. Its essential. When you're hit, whenever you're spotted by enemies, incoming vehicles, elevators...everything makes it shake. The auto-aim feature when shooting with a your Socomm or whatever is ok, but it could've been tweaked a little more. Oh well...

Overall: (9/10)
Go buy this game now!! The only reason not to is if you're dead or dying. Or if you hate action games and are a frickin retard. offense, or anything. Besides, Konami's releasing those add-on VR training missions. Yet another reason!

"Hurt me more!!!"
-The Ninja, when smacked up by Solid Snake