Hello all. It's currently the 28th of December, 2002. Its a little after 5:30 pm EST. Just wanted to set a few things straight. This site is all but dead. Perusing over it now, much of the content makes me laugh. Much of it is so immature it makes me sick... not that i'm any better now. I've since moved on to bigger and more wonderful things (thats a laugh). I'm a freshman in college, majoring in music education. I started this site when I was, what...15? I don't really recall. It's definately been a learning experience... sitting here for the past couple years collecting dust. We'll leave it up for fun. To the few people that still stumble on it through some old search engine link... welcome! Feel free to e-mail me about how stupid of a kid I was. I love criticism. Perhaps I'll do another site in the future...I'm still a gaming geek, but music is my life now. So things might be a bit different, but you'll learn to deal with it. So until then...hasta la vista, I love you all. Oh, and if you want to check up on me, this is what I'm doing now. Later.

-THE APOCALYPSE (i love that handle)

Welcome to Apocalyptic Games, the site for a different opinion on games, classic and current. From the NES to the Playstation 2, It's all here.


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