the return is nigh....

Quote of the Week (08/06):
"You were almost a Jill-sandwich!"
-Barry, from Resident Evil.


08/06/01 - Added a link.

06/18/01 - .....

12/15/00 - Wow...I'm back...
Ok, so the domain name idea sort of fell through. The f*cking guy never replied, that bastard. But hey whatever.
I didn't add much in this update, just fixed a few broken links and miscellaneous things.

Can't decide if I should even keep updating...I never get feedback apart from my guestbook, and that's discouraging. But thanks to the few that do leave messages, I appreciate it.

So it's been what, 8 months? Something like that. I've matured quite a bit actually. My eleventh grade education is showing...ha. If I do decide to update, hopefully the content, design, graphics and everything else will generally be better. I realize the site takes years to load on slow connections, the graphics suck, the design is horrible, and 90% of the people who visit here don't give a damn about my opinions. They're just looking for a working download of the newest "FuLL VeRZioN GamEZ" and "FREe DoWnloAdz" and shit. Well, f*ck you emukiddies. I hope your parents choke on their welfare check. Get the hell off of the internet. Go to the f*cking library. Get a f*cking education. Piss off.

And to the rest of you, enjoy. Give me some encouragement. It's probably the only way to bring the site back to life. Have a happy day.

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