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A Note on our Reviews

There are 4 categories for our reviews:

Sound (out of 10): Quality of music and sound effects, and how catchy or well-written the music is. Voice acting quality also, if applicable.

Graphics (out of 10): Quality of graphics, such as frame rate, clip-in, etc.

Control (out of 10): Response and overall ease of control. Also, length of time to get adjusted to the controls.

Gameplay (out of 10): Replayability, addictiveness, fun factor, "coolness" of game.

And last, the overall score, which is an average of all the categories.

Games are only reviewed by me and my friends (I may let visitors submit reviews in the future). Requirements for us reviewing are:

1. Game must be beaten, without cheating, or with cheating at a complete minimum, due to game being extremely hard, or due to a small amount of time allowed to play, such as: borrowing off of friend, rental, etc. The only exception to this is arcade games. We play as much as our wallets allow.

2. Review must be done in as much detail as possible.

3. No biased reviews, such as favor toward a movie license, fan of series, etc.

4. Game must be beaten (played, with arcade games) within a week of review being written. No "Oh, yah...I remember that game...I gave it to Jim...oh well, I think I'll review it.".

5. Reviews must be based on the technology at the time the game was released.

Choose your system:

Nintendo Entertainment System - Updated 11/08/99, New:1 Total:1

Nintendo Gameboy - Updated Updated 07/16/99, New:1 Total:1

Sega Saturn - Updated 08/30/99, New:1 Total:1

Sony Playstation - Updated 12/12/99, New:1 Total:6

Sega Dreamcast - Updated 12/01/99, New:1 Total:2

PC - Updated 11/26/99, New:1 Total:1