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By: Pestilence

Game info:
Genre: RPG
Designed by: SquareSoft
Year Released: 1998
Players: 1
Save capable
Other: Analog compatible

Thousands of years ago The Eldridge, a gigantic interplanetary emigrant spacecraft, suffered a sudden shipwide malfunction. On the monitors that warned of the ensuing danger, a mysterious shadow flickered for but an instant. Before the spacecraft's crew could respond, someone or something had taken over their entire ship. As the passengers and crew attempted to evacuate, the spacecrafts own laser cannons coldly shot them down. The captain had no choice but to activate the ship self-destruct mechanism. In a flash of light, the spacecraft fell to a nearby planet. Born from the fallen wreckage, 'she' slowly arose, her long hair blowing in the wind as her eyes reflected the dawns breaking light. Reflecting the day that 'god' and 'humankind' fell to Earth.
-Taken from the manual

Gameplay: (8/10)
This is one hell of a game. It doesn't have a very high replay value, but it does take about 60-80 hours to beat. Its an addicting game, though near the middle of the game it got so damn suspenceful nearly wet my depends undergarments..heh heh... The ending is well worth your time. It has the mushy stuff as well which makes the game more..uhh..diverse I guess.. mushy stuff.. betrayal.. action.. this game has it all, even mech battling! Being in a mech 60% of the time is cool too. The main character's name is Fei Fong Wong and he finds this mech thing called a "gear" (hence the name "Xenogears") after his village gets burned down by enemy troops riding in several "gears". I think Squaresoft did one hell of a job on this game. Don't they always?

Sound: (8/10)
There is sound..but not much. When you jump there's no "hunh"or anything but the music is catchy and cheerful (most of the time). In battle the music is friggin awesome and the battle sounds when ya fight are cool too.

Graphics: (7/10)
The graphics of his game are drawn.. but drawn VERY well. Believe me when I say VERY well.. The spells and whatnot are not drawn but computer animated. There are no spectacular spelll graphics but they're good ..get it? There are no FMV sequences but there are Japanese animation sequences that take place on average 1 every 2-4 hours.

Control: (9/10)
On the field it's pretty basic RPG stuff. When in battle it's a whole new story. As you level up you get more battle points to spend learning new moves, etc. Punching in for an attack is done with the triangle, square and X buttons. The more you differenciate your combos the more special moves you learn. It's very cool how Squaresoft did this.

Overall: (9/10)
This game is the reigning champon for RPG's my book and I strongly urge you to go out and buy this awesome, awesome game at about 40 dollars it's ssoooooo worth your money.. are you still reading this?? GO NOW! GO BUY IT!!

"Fei..Fei..Fei.. wake up Fei.."