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Resident Evil 2

By: Pestilence

Game info:
Genre: Action/Adventure
Designed by: Capcom
Year Released: 1998
Players: 1
Save capable

Imagine a normal mid-western U.S. town built at the base of a vast forest. Business thrived here, especially with the advent of several new industries. Heck, you can't find a more peaceful wilderness getaway than Raccoon City. Then the trouble began. And it leads back to when the corporation arrived. Rumors began to spread, and the town was overcome with odd occurences. Unidentifiable creatures appeared out of nowhere, and fatal accidents happened at an alarming rate. Word got out about a severe accident at a mountain lab. No one in town knew what was happening to their quaint town. The Raccoon City police department, in an effort to calm the growing fear among locals, recruited several new officers. Leon S. Kennedy is one of the promising new recruits. As Leon prepares to join his new unit, he attempts to contact the captain who hired him, but has no luck reaching him. Unfazed, he continues into Raccoon City to his new job. At the other side of town, a distraught Claire Redfield searches for her missing brother, Chris. Claire begins her search in Raccoon City, the last known location of her brother, nearly two months ago, only to learn about the 'accident' in the forest. Is Chris still in Raccoon City? Sadly for Leon and Claire, they are completely unaware of the overwhelming world of horror and despair they both are about to enter...
-Taken from the manual

Gameplay: (10/10)
This is a friggin good game. It has an extremely high replay value due to the 2 different playable characters and extra scenarios. After the game beaten the monsters and items are all jumbled around and the storyline is much different. Speaking of the storyline, Resident Evil 2's is pretty damn good.

Sound: (9/10)
The sounds for the zombies, lickers and the various other creatures you encounter are good. For those of you who have played Resident Evil 1, you know that the sound job they did on that game was worse than my ass making noises... RE 2's a little better, but could have been improved.
For one final thought.."drop the chalupa".
"uhh...right..." - The Apocalypse

Graphics: (10/10)
When I bought this game I popped in one of the 2 disks (one for each character) and I was dumbfounded.. all I can say is.."drop the chalupa" hehe. The in game graphics are done very well. Many details such as fire, broken doors and walls.. they are all great. That's all I can say...

Control: (9/10)
The controls may take some getting used to for beginners, but for RE veterans, its exactly the same as RE 1. Run, draw weapon, etc. Just fine.

Overall: (10/10)
This game...hmm..well if you don't have it...lets just say if we ever meet in a dark alley, your ass will never feel the same again. This is one of Capcom's best work for the Playstation yet. Expect a Greatest Hits price soon because its so awesome. If you liked this game, then go buy Dino Crisis and Resident Evil 3, yo!

"I'm glad to see you're still among the living."