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Mortal Kombat Trilogy

By: The Apocalypse

Game info:
Genre: Fighting
Designed by: Midway
Year Released: 1996
Players: 2

The trilogy of events that comprises Shao Kahn's final attempt at taking control of earth. Play the games to find out the real story.

Playability: (8/10)
Everything seems so dull and uninspired, but still fun nonetheless. A wealth of kombatants ain't to shabby either. Instead of combining the engines from MK2 +3 like they did, it should be totally from 2 with a few tweaks. MK2 was almost perfect and many a fans' favorite. The combos are pretty dumb and Brutalities are just retarded. Long load times are a bitch. But hey, it still is and always will be great MK action with plenty o blood. Yes!

Sound: (6/10)
Shao Kahn's voice is as menacing as ever and the various kombatants' voices are still cool. The songs are still the same old same old. Not much of a step up in quality from SNES, though. Maybe redo the songs or something?

Graphics: (4/10)
16-bit at best. Nothing was changed at all from previous incarnations. No neat effects, no FMV, nothing.

Control: (8/10)
Identical to 16-bit MK's. The PS controller's kinda sh*tty with fighting games, but hey, no ones perfect. Moves and fatalities are a breeze, provided you know how to do em. Still a little stiff.

Overall: (7/10)
MK fans: Buy this game just for the sole fact of being able to fight MK2's lost kombatants versus the new ones in MK3. Great fun.
Everyone else: It's totally up to you. A decent price for like 3 games packed into 1.

"Get over here!" "C'mere!"
-Scorpion & Human Smoke