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By: The Apocalypse

Game info:
Genre: Racing
Designed by: Midway
Year Released: 1999
Players: 2
Save capable
Other: Jumpack Compatible

Prepare for the power, speed and thrills of Hydro Thunder super-boat racing! Mighty Hull your way to the finish line of the most treacherous water courses imaginable!
With turbo-charged Boosts and monstrous jumps, only your fears stand in the way!
-Taken from the back of the case

Gameplay: (8/10)
An arcade-perfect conversion. With 13 boats and 13 unbelievably well designed tracks, you'll be playing this game for quite some time. The singly player game provides an excellent challenge, although the 2 player game is extremely unpolished. Come to think of it, the whole conversion is unpolished. No extra modes, no extra tracks, no extra boats, no nothing. The menu system is also flawed. If you run out of time or exit a track, you're taken clear back to the title screen! What the hell? You can't even restart the goddamn track without going back to the title screen and picking your frickin boat again. Developers, put a little more time into your arcade to console conversions. Don't be me.

Sound: (7/10)
The announcer's voice surprisingly isn't too annoying. He is annoying, just not too annoying. The boats' engines rumbling are uhh...well, they're rumbling. Just regular stuff. Nothing outstanding. Yep.
The music is oustanding. Well written, and fits the action perfectly. My only complaint is for the lack of music while picking your track and boat. You gotta have something to get you going, y'know?

Graphics: (8/10)
The graphics are breathtaking, just like every other game on the Dreamcast. The water looks great, and the sense of speed is amazing. Occasionally, when you hit the water hard, you'll submerge and see a little clipping, but nothing distracting.
Slowdown really bugs me. It occurs rarely during single player, but in 2 player, its almost constant. You Eurocom guys are lazy.

Control: (8/10)
Analog and digital control is available, but the analog is excellent. Use digital, and I'll smack you. All the different cars,, excuse me...handle much differently. The hard boats require a lot of practice to master, while the easy boats are simple enough for anyone to pick up.

Overall: (8/10)
The best boat racing game ever. Period. ...... That's funny, get it? Boat racing? There's hardly any other boat racing games...heh. Heh...heh. Heh...oh forget it...

"Stay on target..."
-One of a few silly and possibly unintentional Star Wars references made by the announcer