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by: The Apocalypse

I hate people that cheat on every game they have. To me, a game is something you enjoy that is challenging and fun. Note the word: CHALLENGING. How can a game be challenging when you use a strategy guide or some invincibility code? This may be fun to some people, but to me, it ruins the whole purpose of the game. Using codes after you've beaten the game is fine, as is using a strategy guide to find something you've missed AFTER THE GAME IS COMPLETED. Also, using a code to unlock something like secret characters or levels is FINE, if they cannot be unlocked by doing a task in the game, such as beating it or something.
I have one friend that is guilty of this to the full extent. He buys games and their strategy guides AT THE SAME TIME, and goes home and BEATS THEM WITH THE STRATEGY GUIDE, then GLOATS ABOUT IT. This really pisses me off. How can you gloat about beating something if you REALLY HAVEN'T BEATEN IT? YOU JUST USED A STRATEGY GUIDE. YOU CHEATED. That's not really beating the game.
And don't think asking a friend how to beat a level or something isn't cheating, because IT IS. It doesn't matter what your source is.
One more thing, if the game you are cheating on is UTTER SH** and is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE, cheating is fine. Beat it then sell it to some loser.
So the next time you're stuck on a game, and have the urge to...cheat, think again. Did you miss something? Go back and smack around where that last boss was. Blast the walls with your bazooka. Talk to that crack dealer on the corner of that street. Or, just take a doze and come back later. But, if the game is sh**, you got 2 choices: cheat, then sell it to your stupid friend, or rip it out of the system and chew on it. That always works.