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The Captain N Network - Info on Captain N, Zelda and more.

- The best Metal Gear page, dedicated to every game in the series.

- Everything you could possible want related to Ninja Gaiden.

- Biggest and best Metroid site.

The Classic Review Archive - Great reviews on classic games.

SCHMUPS! - Everything on the classic space shoot-em-ups.

The Mushroom Kingdom - got Mario? - Everybody loves Mario. One of the best sites I've ran across.

- The absolute best Castlevania site, no question about it. Great fan fiction.

- Any gamer should be an anime fan also. Know what to buy.

- Interesting little page, it's like a little town with characters from classic rpgs inhabiting it. I don't's hard to explain. Go see for yourself.

- Long live Captain N!

- Pics & buttons from some classic rpgs, awesome quality.

- Huge rpg site.

Sonic HQ- An excellent Sonic site.

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